I am Krutarth Engineer and this is my space for sharing my knowledge and experience of my routine professional life.

I have been working in the IT industry for more than 1.5 decades and mainly working in Product development and team management. I am immensely interested in Product development and management so I would like to share my knowledge in this area. Later on I have also gained interest in Cyber security where I have started exploring that area as well.

Khakhi jeans domain ( was inspired from Blue jeans company domain. Some years back I wanted to get one domain that gives me an opportunity to create an online identity. And for that I wanted bluejeans as a domain as I love to be in blue jeans in my routine days. But found it to be a voip based company so got this ‘khakhijeans’ domain. I also started this as a company but later on shut it down. (what a nightmare, huh) However, as this is quite near and dear to my heart, I will keep this domain floating and keep pouring my experience / knowledge here.